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The most realistic legal Prop Money in the world: #1 Prop Money in Film and Television,
Music Video, Commericials, Shows, Conventions, Las Vegas, Financial Training, Financial
Presentations, and Law Enforcement. We sell or rent realistic Prop Money, Stage money, Fake
Money. The colors and paper look real. It might be Fake Money, but it looks real on camera.
This has been in hundreds of feature films, television shows, music videos, commercials,
advertisements and still photo shoots. We’ve done over 500 music videos and thousands of
commercials. We carefully try to meet all legal requirements for Prop Money. We have old
style and new style: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills. We sell it by the “stack”. Each
stack is 100 bills.

WE KNOW THE REGULATIONS:   We carefully try to follow ALL regulations to keep your production safe!  Many other prop money sellers violate the rules. Their prop money can get you fined & put you in jail. Our customers security and our security is our priority please take note.It can shut down your production, get you fined, and put you in jail. The FBI & Secret Service are cracking down. They can force you to pull down a video, edit out the scene. If you’re doing a TV show or Feature Film, it can cost Millions in down time & legal costs. If another company writes “Prop Money” it doesn’t matter. If it looks too real, it’s illegal.  Don’t take chances. Feel comfotable with We carefully try to follow all aspects of Federal, State, and Local Laws. We make our own artwork, and we use a wide variety of techniques to make it look incredibly realistic. That’s as good as it gets!  It’s designed to look clearly real if a cashier looks at it close up. get our High-Grade. It looks very real, and it’s perfect for closeups (up to 6″ away!),it looks great!  * Many other prop money suppliers violate US Counterfeiting Laws according to US Secret Service U.S.C. 18 Counterfeiting Act)


  We helped make over 500 music videos.  We have the best prop money in the world.  I want to help your video to be successful.  Here’s some help to get the best look.  Get 5-20 stacks of Standard Grade.  Each stack is 1″ thick.  Has 100 bills in each stack.  5-20 stacks gives a good full look.  Get more if you need it.  The money looks real on camera for all your normal scenes.    Looks perfect for fanning, flashing, making it rain money, and all your normal scenes.  Need a close-up shot?  When it comes to Prop Money, BUY IT,  don’t rent it.  If you are making Music Videos, you will need it again and again for your next videos, so buy it.  If you need help with camera placement, lighting, or tips, call me.  Why do we also want you to look good?  Because if your video looks good, you will come back to us for more in the future, and you will tell other artists about us!  That’s why we always try to make you look good !   –CLEANNREALBILLS

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